Surprises with novelties

Spectacular viewing terraces, new tasting zones, beach attractions and many opportunities for an active recreation… Only one thing in Tricity remains the same – constant change. Summer is a great season to explore Tricity attractions.

Three different cities with incomparable charm, one metropolis in Pomorskie – Tricity is incredibly attractive in every season. It’s worth visiting especially in summertime when it offers a lot of tourist attractions and ways to spend free time. Many cities compete in creating great tourist offers, so it’s easy to find something suitable during lonely trips, trips for two or family vacation.

In the capital of freedom

For the last few months Gdańsk has been really changing, especially in the field of architecture. One of the biggest recent investments is Olivia Star, the latest creation of Olivia Business Center.

This three-storey office building located in Gdańsk district Oliwa is 180 meters high which makes it the tallest building in the northern Poland. Originally it has been a modern business center with coworking space. But the place has been developing and nowadays there are some interesting attractions for tourists. There is a beautiful viewing terrace and a great gastronomy section with eight different spots.

A viewing space on an outside terrace open for public is located at 32ndfloor. From this perspective, you can see the entire Tricity landscape from 156 meters. Zatoka Gdańsk, cliff in Orłowo, both Tricity harbors, world-famous pier in Sopot, Hel Peninsula and Tricity Landscape Park – you name it. The terrace is opened for general public from July, although the entrance is paid. Apart from the terrace itself, there is an affordable and interesting culinary offer as well as jazz and acoustic concerts in the evening.

One floor above it you will find Arco restaurant, with Paco Perez – one of the most awarded chefs in the world as a Head Chef. The Spaniard’s restaurants have six Michelin stars in total (four of his restaurants in the following cities: Barcelona, Llanca, Girona and Berlin). His latest project is a restaurant located in Manchester, which he opened last year with current Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola. As the managers of Olivia Business Center say – the chef personally oversees every step of the project, inspecting even such details as picking up interior design, cutlery and additions that will fill up the place. The place will be divided into two zones i.e. high quality fine dining restaurant and a less formal one with more affordable prices. Both sides will be separated by a bodega – a place filled with around 800 types of wine available for the guests of both restaurants.

In addition to that, in May a new viewing point was opened at a shipyard inside an old crane at Stocznia Cesarska. M3 Crane, as it’s called, placed near the floating bridge leading to Ostrów Island, was built in 1962 by VEB Kranbau Eberswalde. It’s not in use anymore, but when it was its capacity was up to 10 tons and it could easily lift objects of 40 meters high. Admission fee to viewing point is 10 PLN and the profits from the sale will be donated to a foundation helping homeless people and those who are endangered by social exclusion. The first opportunity to see the landscape of Gdańsk from up high will occur on Friday and Saturday. The location is also pretty good – although easily accessible by car, the best way to get there is by tram (a stop near Plac Solidarności). On your way in, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through historical Shipyard Gate and Droga do Wolności.

Słony Spichlerz is another, extremely popular place among pleasure-seeking individuals. The Culinary Heart of Tricity is a modern solution that consists of 9 gastronomical concepts in one place. There you will find authentic Thai tastes, homemade pies and pastries, “slow” breakfasts from many places around the globe, an amazing real Italian oven baked thin-crust pizza, a unique tastes of world cuisines, seafood and fishes straight from the fisherman boat as well as many other surprising treats. It’s a great place for burger lovers that appreciate nice, chilled prosecco, but also for vegans and vegetarians eager to experiment with spices from around the world.

Sopot hospitality all year round

It’s a mecca for lovers of long, romantic walks, a paradise for spa guests and a dreamlike place for weekend excursions. You can never get bored in Sopot and every corner has a surprise for you. With every step you take, you can find an unusual restaurant or pub. Sopot is also famous for excellent bakeries and fancy pastries. For those who are hungry for art, National Art Gallery in Sopot is definitely worth recommending. Located near “Monciak” (Monte Cassino Street) with valuable pieces of modern and traditional art, the gallery is an important and prestigious spot, not only in Pomorskie but in the whole country.

There is one spot that have recently become very popular – the sauna spot! Outdoor saunas located on the beach became extremely popular just one week after opening. This concept is an example of a unique ability of the city of Sopot to combine both modern and traditional solutions. The saunas are open from the end of the summer until the first day of May. It’s a wonderful place for those who are seeking an interesting way to rest and one can even try refreshing swimming in the Baltic Sea.

The saunas are located near the beach entrance no. 15, next to M15 Restaurant and are being operated by the restaurants crew. One of the saunas is open for everyone; the other one is ONLY4U exclusive sauna – for individual booking only. There are locker rooms for men and women and restrooms with toilets and showers. A ticket to open sauna for one person for 1.5 hour costs 35 PLN from 8-17, and 40 PLN from 17:30-21:30. The private sauna costs 400 PLN from 8:30-17:30 and 450 PLN from 17:30-22:00. In addition, the saunas are glazed, so you can enjoy an unforgettable view of Gdańsk Bay from within. After relaxing, come by the restaurant – there is a special “sauna menu” waiting for you.

Bicycle – that’s it!

Biking has recently become the fastest and the most pleasant way of travelling in Tricity. We especially recommend choosing it for sightseeing Gdynia, one of the youngest and most dynamically developing cities in Poland. It will please those who love cinema (Gdynia is the home of one of the most important polish film festivals) and those who are passionate about history (can visit for example the Emigration Museum).

In this friendly and open city there is a network of convenient bike paths that makes it possible to travel from one side of the coast to another and from harbors to cliffs. It is recommended to use Metropolitan Bike Mevo. It’s the most advanced city bike system in Europe, adapted to all of the users’ needs. There are 4080 bikes to use. It’s an excellent supplement to the public transport system. The citizens and tourists of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and smaller towns such as Tczew, Puck, Reda, Rumia, Kartuzy, Sierakowice, Somonina, Stęzyca, Władysławowo, Żukowo and Pruszcz Gdański can use the bikes for everyday travel. Each is equipped with an electric engine, GPS module, and electric lock and renting a bike is very intuitive. It’s just three simple steps and all you need is your smartphone or credit/debit card. Just register in the system and enjoy a bike for two days at the price of just 20 PLN. Travelling by bike opens up a lot of possibilities for sightseeing – it’s easier and faster than using public transport and bike stations are conveniently located which makes travelling even easier. Using a bike also means total tourist freedom – you choose places to explore and you can stop there at any time.

All year round Tricity encourages visitors to discover and observe rapid changes of the most energetic region of Poland.

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