Pomorskie on tour

Pomorskie and the nearby regions tempt with long and short road trips. Take your vehicle onto the ferry and feel the freedom of choosing and visiting places with soul, history and tradition, which in Pomerania are countless.

Surprising Szymbark

In the heart of Kaszuby, right next to the hill Wieżyca, there is a lovely village Szymbark with many interesting places and a rich history. We definitely recommend you taking a look at the incredibly unique objects that you can find at the Center of Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark such as the world’s longest plank, Kashubian world of fairy tales or the world’s largest concert piano. One of the most known and exciting attractions of Szymbark is (literally) the “Upside-Down House” – you can really get confused in there! It is an unusual building created to commemorate the end of communism.

Those who are passionate with tradition will be pleased by the Salino Manor House – a replica of a 300-years-old mansion house (near Wejherowo) and the wooden House of Sybirak brought to Poland from Irkutsk (Russia) and rebuilt in Szymbark. They will definitely bring a moment of reflection. In Szymbark you can also spend your time actively in an adventure park or attend workshops to learn how to bake bread. Beer enthusiast on the other hand will be delighted by local brewery taste and maybe interested in popular in Kaszuby snuff, produced locally by the connoisseurs. And even though the craft art is kept as a secret, you can bring a piece with you from vacations.

Wdzydze full of history

A Kashubian village near Gołuń Lake is worth visiting for the oldest open-air museum in Poland – Kashubian Ethnographic Park. It is 100 years old, vast and attractive for visitors in every age. One can find traditional folk objects from 17thand 19thcentury and even interior of some buildings, also a church from 17thcentury and ancient houses where, to this day, one can attend history lessons and workshops. There is also a 36 meters high observation tower from which you can enjoy a great view of Wdzydze Lake, the most popular lake in the region, so vast that it is sometimes called the Kashubian Sea.

Local superbrands from Kościerzyna

The brand Farwa Kościerzyna was created by a Kashubian woman whose ancestors have lived here for centuries and she herself grew up on a farm, strongly connected to regional art. In her art studio and the gallery you can buy pieces of craft work such as clothes, scarves with regional embroidery, modern jewelry, accessories, paintings and even furniture with traditional Kashubian themes. The owner also organizes some artistic Kashubian workshops for kids and adults and every class is adjusted to the participants’ age. It’s a sip of knowledge about Pomorskie and a quintessence of Kashubian culture.

Kościerzyna is also well known for its vast range of beers brewed according to traditional recipes. Nowadays, it also draw tourists to the mall Stary Browar Kościerzyna, located in a historical brewery. The place combines a modern way of leisure and entertainment with historical legacy of its surroundings. Right next to modern shopping center, one finds a hotel, a restaurant, pub and pizzeria. During summer tourists may enjoy a special offer that includes a tasting menu of brewery specialties, dishes and regional products. All year round Stary Browar Kościerzyna is a place of incredible events and unusual conferences where one can also relax and rest.

Following the traces of the Teutonic Knights

The great tourist attraction of Pomerania is the Gothic Castle Trail with the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, which in Poland is the biggest and best known 13th-century castle, also included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is an elaborate example of a Gothic brick-built castle that stands upon the east bank of the River Nogat. It is also where one of the biggest historical reenactment in this part of Europe – the Siege of Malbork takes place. Among many interesting offers from the Castle Museum, one of the most thrilling is night sightseeing (for the brave only) and Light and Sound shows. You can also eat a delicious meal there and the great atmosphere will make you feel like on a movie set.

Another exciting historical object with a long and difficult history is the Gniew Castle, located at a marvelous hill near Vistula River. This most powerful fortress of the Teutonic Knights was built on the west bank of the river at the turn of the 13thand 14thcentury. It is a host of many shows, historical productions and knights’ tournaments. The castle in Gniew is also considered one of the main objects of historical reenactments that keep medieval traditions in Poland alive.

The hotel in the castles’ area offers an accommodation to 250 guests integrated into the Royal Castle Hill with restaurant, bars, cafes and knights’ inns. The hotel’s offer includes SPA&Wellness center and organization of Royal Weddings. Every year in August an exciting reenactment of Battle of Gniew takes place, which tempts all those passionate about history.

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