Which treatments are offered in the beauty clinics in Pomorskie?

Moisturizing and regenerating skincare treatments are highly recommended at the end of winter. Not surprisingly, since after a few months of intense exposure to smog and adverse weather conditions, it is hardly possible to have a flawless, glowing skin. Facial cleansing is not enough and only tailored treatments will fully restore the optimal level of skin hydration. Let’s not forget about the beautiful white smile that will perfectly complete the spring metamorphosis. What kind of aesthetic medicine and dentistry treatments are in the offer of Pomeranian clinics in the spring?

Hydrated equals younger

The specialists of Medical Center Dr. Kubik in Gdynia propose the best solutions that will soothe dry skin and without a doubt they all agree that proper nourishing is what the skin needs the most in the spring. It can be achieved for example by undergoing Neauvia hyaluronic acid mesotherapy. Needle mesotherapy, which is based on administration of active ingredients deep into the dermal layer, stimulates the skin renewing process. Multiple micro-punctures mobilize tissue for remodeling and the efficiency depends on the composition of the solution used. Hyaluronic acid is a perfect choice as it not only moisturizes but also enhances the body’s ability to produce collagen. Moreover, the solution enriched with calcium hydroxyapatite additionally firms the skin and even reduces crow’s feet.

A similar mechanism of action, using injections that promote skin self-rejuvenation, is employed in the treatment with Magellan platelet rich plasma. The solution with a high amount of platelets is simply more concentrated; hence, it is more powerful in stimulating the production of new collagen. It also reduces the skin redness (erythema) that primarily intensifies in autumn and winter. It is also worth mentioning that platelet rich plasma, in contrast to classical mesotherapy, is efficient even after one procedure. Already then it is visible that such an administration of the blood fraction is a great treatment that rejuvenates and promotes skin repair and smoothing, as well as improves its tone.

Show your legs!

When the spring sun rises for good the legs may raise a “red flag”. Why? Because of visible and annoying vascular changes that often take away one’s will to wear spring dresses and joy from the relaxation at the beach. One of the available treatments such as removing or closing varicose veins is a great and effective solution but it is also a process that is worth planning earlier. The ArtVein Clinic in Gdańsk suggests its flagship medical procedure – sclerotherapy. Its goal is to close damaged reticular veins through the administration of a solution that irritates the vein lining leading to fibrosis so the vein eventually disappears.

“The treatment is minimally invasive and methods are discussed and chosen carefully after a Doppler ultrasound exam and clinical presentation of venous insufficiency. The first choice is usually either liquid sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy while laser treatment is rather the last chosen option. After sclerotherapy the patient receives compressing stocking that is adjusted with size and intensity of pressure to make sure that the patient gets proper compression therapy,” says the specialist in general and vascular surgery dr Ryszard Zając the owner of ArtVein Clinic in Gdańsk and the head of Department of vascular surgery of St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Gdynia.

Smile while saying “hello spring” 

Springtime, when everything and everyone is becoming awake, brings joyful smile more often than during the past winter. It’s also a perfect time to take care of oral hygiene. Those longing for a beautiful and healthy smile should try scaling (calculus or tartar removal) and sandblasting (sludge and discoloration removal). The treatment is completed with fluoridation that protects the teeth from caries. Obviously this trio is just a basic treatment that one should undergo regularly. Your smile deserves more and aesthetic medicine comes with several possibilities. In spring one can invest in a beautiful and healthy smile as well as improve its aesthetics by whitening teeth or having veneers done.

“A beautiful, white smile can be obtained by using the whitening treatment. The first method of teeth whitening is based on take-home trays with special gel that is found on the inside. The patient inserts the tray in the mouth before going to bed and the gel whitens one’s teeth while sleeping. The second method is the use of a whitening lamp, however, it is not recommended for those with sensitive teeth. Simultaneous use of both methods gives even more satisfying effect,” explains dr Alicja Nowicka, dentist of Dental Clinic Curodental in Gdańsk.

“In addition, for those not blessed with naturally white teeth, whose teeth have been slightly damaged or worn or those not entirely happy about their smile e.g. with small teeth or diastema between the two upper front teeth, porcelain veneers are highly recommended. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure based on reshaping the tooth surface and bonding a thin layer of porcelain directly to the front of teeth. What can one expect after this procedure? The Hollywood smile,” adds the dentist.

Choosing a clinic of good reputation is crucial as it guarantees that the veneers will not damage healthy dental tissue and will not stain for at least a few years. Porcelain veneers, recommended by Tricity clinics, correct several dental issues such as discoloration, tooth shape, and even close the gaps between. If wanted, they can be designed to achieve the so-called Hollywood smile, which is probably a hidden desire of every woman planning her magical spring metamorphosis.

Author: Małgorzata Mrozek / zatokapiekna.pl

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