Nature trails

It is hardly possible to find more picturesque areas for hiking enthusiasts than those in Pomerania. Exciting woods rich in wild fruits and rare plants, breathtaking hills, specially created hiking trails, and worth discovering nature reserves that abounds with goods of nature… turn on the “hiking mode” and enjoy the coast.

For the connoisseurs of wild nature Pomorskie is a must-choose trip destination. Closeness of the sea, rivers and lakes creates unique opportunities to rest in the bosom of nature and attracts with its availability and hospitality. Perfect infrastructure for active relaxing while walking encourages not only whole families but also single tourists who yearn for a calm and quiet atmosphere.

With all due natural respect

In Pomerania natural resources and the safety of the ecosystems are respectfully taken care of. More than 35% of the whole Pomorskie voivodeship is covered by forests, typically with adorable stocked water bodies nearby. At the same time almost one third of Pomorskie, which is equal to nearly 600 thousand hectares, constitute a protected area.

The most valuable natural jewels are Słowiński National Park and Tuchola Forest. In total eleven landscape parks and 134 nature preserves create an amazing wild area of Pomorskie and is the home of numerous species of animals, also rare, that one can admire and capture through photographies.

Pomeranian traditions include also other exciting activities in wild nature. One of them is hunting and seaside chefs (and then foodies) highly appreciate the meat of the local game. Another one is fishing and in the waters of this region there are plenty of valuable freshwater fish such as perch, tench, roach, pike, zander, or bream.

The names of some of the beautiful hiking trails were inspired by fish life and habits such as the nature walk “trout and salmon trail” in Słupia Valley Landscape Park. On the other hand, the ornithological and educational path named “Kokoszka” (common moorhen) was created to introduce some birds together with their natural habitats. Thanks to the observational base one can safely and unattended observe for example western marsh harrier, white-tailed eagle, gray heron, crane, goldeneye, great reed warbler, and many others. If one wants to run away from urbanization and aggressive, concrete achievements of modern times, the nature of Pomerania is a perfect destination to go to.

A hiking paradise

Pomorskie is being the most appreciated when one walks through its marvelous area. There is more than 300 km of Baltics coast with numerous, wide and sandy beaches, sharp cliffs and observation points from where one can patiently admire dunes and birds’ breeding grounds.

Springtime only might not be enough for discovering all natural wonders or Tuchola Forest. One can enjoy and relax while observing natural processes that take place nearby picturesque lakes and woods. It is also the only place where one can observe uncommon plants such as extremely rare Linnaea borealis (an example of post-glacial flowering plant), or learn about the role of insects – bees, ants, or bark beetles in the forest ecosystem.

The Polish Coastal Landscape Park creates a magnificent scenery for impressive photographs thanks to its unique landscape and cliffs covered by pine woods. The Kashubian Landscape park in contrary has lovely walking paths running along ribbon Raduńskie Lake, Szymbarskie Hills and Mirachowskie Forests. Lovers bring home unforgettable memories captured on romantic photographs, while whole families find their joy in rare flora and fauna. Additionally, magical names of some educational paths complete the fairy-tale scenery. One of them is  “the path of Alice in the enchanted forest” in the Botanical Garden in Marszewo (Forest District of Gdańsk) that is dedicated to the youngest explorers.

Variable and comfortable

Seaside areas are being especially taken care of, hence, well-developed and convenient infrastructure attracts tourists to travel often and gladly come back. Perfectly communicated facilities and spas, amazing natural areas outside the towns but within reach, and care for hiking paths are features of Pomorskie.

As the region is well-known for its spa areas, one should visit the biggest spa town – Sopot. This legendary and exclusive resort is loved by artists attending inspiring exhibitions but also by those willing to improve their health and well-being. In recent years, it has also been a relevant spot for investors who enjoy the possibility to make conscious, strategic decisions surrounded by a unique atmosphere of the Baltic Sea. One should also visit smaller, yet charming towns such as Ustka, Jastarnia, Krynica Morska, and nearby villages that guarantee peaceful relaxation, far away from everyday duties.

Hiking- and  biking trails together with horse- and even kayak paths let one admire the beauty of the region in an addictive way. Pomorskie attracts with clear air, the sea, and hospitality so no wonder one not only wants to take care of health of body and soul but also plan the next visit as soon as possible.

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Nature trails

It is hardly possible to find more picturesque areas for hiking enthusiasts than those in Pomerania. Exciting woods rich in wild fruits and rare plants,

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