More than the metropolis

A typical weekend break can mean much more than just staying in the town. Despite the fact that the heart of Pomorskie beats in Tricity, in addition to its city charms it offers a lot of regional treasures in other parts of Pomerania.

The heart of Pomorskie beats in Tricity, which never sleeps and offers many activities for the enthusiasts of the city atmosphere. You can feel the pulse of this charming and diverse region of Poland not only in the center, but also outside of the metropolis that dictates the rhythm. The entire Pomorskie region gives you a chance to spend very active time and an opportunity for a nice and long relax, just the way you want it. The trails of Pomerania are full of impressive and well-preserved Gothic castles and The Amber Road – an ancient trade route running through the region. The renovated palaces and mansions invite you to visit them and explore their rich history. The Pomeranian area also guarantees an unforgettable contact with nature. The enthusiasts of “slow” vacations will be pleased by forests, landscape parks, richness of flora and fauna that encourage you to visit them all year long. But you can also spend some active time on biking, fishing, yachting, horse riding, golfing, or relaxing spa treatments, to name but a few.

Pomerania is like heaven for those who are hungry for unconventional attractions. It is worth exploring Pomorskie, its charming regions, full of historical places, regional cuisine and its beautiful nature. Here are the best destinations for your consideration, well known for being exceptional and providing both high quality service and unforgettable experiences.

Pomorskie history of luxury

The Ciekocinko Palace is a paradise for all art connoisseurs – in the rooms of a 1910’s palace, renovated with great care and respect for tradition, you can feel like on a movie set. There are 30 rooms at guests’ disposal, decorated in three different styles which is Art Deco, Art Nouveau and in the style beloved in this part of Europe – Biedermeier. Each room has its own unique name inspired by the horse riding competitions held here in the past. Around the building there are a lot of green places! The palace is surrounded by old trees and colorful flora, which pleases your eyes until the late autumn and the panoramic view from its rooms is just stunning and unforgettable. For those who prefer less sophisticated ways of relax, Ciekocinko Palace also offers cozy and elegant rooms in the Hamptons style in the recently renovated Carriage House. A positive home atmosphere is provided by bright colors, lovely wood, carefully chosen fabrics and nice decorations.

The food enthusiasts will be also pleased thanks to several restaurants such as luxurious 1906 Gourmet Restaurant, Luneta & Lorneta Bistro Pub and charming Herbaciarnia (tea-house) offering carefully selected types of tea from the London Covent Garden. When it comes to choosing the activities for your stay in the Palace, the only limit is your imagination. The palace area is conveniently located near the town Łeba and Słowiński National Park. That encourages taking long walks and horse rides (Ciekocinko has an impressive stud farm). Here you can also go fishing, rowing or for bicycle trips – either through easy trails or steep Kashubian hills, as well as through the wetlands. You decide if you want to play golf on a course within the palace complex or spend your day sitting comfortably in the saddle while horse trotting.

Furthermore, this luxurious facility has a wellness area which offers advanced beauty and relaxes treatments. It is also a perfect place for parties, dream weddings, engagements or a business event – the impressive and aesthetic space of Ciekocinko will make time spent here a memorable experience.

Hotel Resort & Wellness Pałac Ciekocinko  *****

tel. +48 58 572 25 08

+48 608 002 220


Hotel Wieniawa

Hotel Wieniawa Spa & Wellness is located in the 19th-century palace close to Gdynia and was established to provide perfect conditions to relax both body and mind. There are 31 rooms at guests’ disposal each having a unique charm of its own. Every room is modernly furnished in an elegant style with an interior referring to an old glory of the palace. Guests can choose the color of their room from a very appetizing color palette such as vanilla and chocolate, but also relaxing like e.g. magnolia. Each space can be adapted to the personality and current mood.

The hotel location provides a dream base spot for traveling to Tricity or Hel Peninsula. As the hotel’s heart is a perfectly located SPA with a pool close to the Baltic Sea, it is a great choice for those who want to rest actively or find the balance within the mind, body and spirit. Adults tired of work will definitely enjoy relaxing massages of qualified personnel such as aromatic candle massage, hot stone massage, delicious hot chocolate- or Kashubian honey massage, or mysterious “Czar Wezyra” (“Vizier massage”).

An exotic time in sauna with Hammam and other skincare rituals (e.g. calming Zanzibar, The Strength of Cedar dedicated for men, relaxing and moisturizing Kashubian Strawberry Picking or Royal Ritual for couples) are absolutely worth considering. Ladies will definitely be interested in body treatments like dermo-massage or thalassotherapy – a sea treatment. Hotel Wieniawa is also a great place for a recovery as the treatments by the sea significantly shorten time of convalescence (the hotel is disabled- friendly). Kids also won’t be bored – they can participate in a group aqua aerobic practice or take some swimming lessons. For those who want to combine personal relaxation with work responsibilities – Hotel Wieniawa is a great choice. Well-equipped conference rooms will make your business meetings and workshops pleasant. Engaged couples choose Wieniawa as a perfect place for their dream weddings – there’s an impressive and elegant ballroom close to the sea and the hotel staff will gladly recommend a band and a photographer.

Hotel Wieniawa ****

tel./fax +48 58 673 92 80

+48 728 322 524

Hotel Skipper Rewa

Enthusiasts of surfing will definitely appreciate the location and offer of the Hotel Skipper in Rewa. The picturesque location on Rewa Sandbar on Kashubian “Szperk” impresses with a rich form of the shore. It’s a perfect place for sailors as well as those passionate with windsurfing and kite surfing. More than a kilometer long sandy promontory extending into the sea separates warm waters of the Puck Bay from saltier and colder waters of the Gdańsk Bay. Most of the sandbar (or shoal) is in a body of water and extends until it reaches the Hel Peninsula shallows. On the one side of the promontory even when it winds strongly the water stays still and even. That’s why it’s a great spot to take your first surfing steps – but those who prefer more advanced water activities will be also satisfied.

A modern marine interior catches the eye with its tasteful minimalism. There are 47 rooms with 95 accommodation spots. You can also visit Rewa to recover – a wide selection of Spa & Wellness treatments is performed in 6 professional rooms. There’s also Saunarium with a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and steam bath.

The guests preferring “slow” relaxing will appreciate a pool with ozonized water or a hot tub. Skipper is also a choice for those who combine business networking with active relaxation – the hotel provides with some sunny conference rooms by the sea with free Wi-Fi connection. Bukszpryt Restaurant, a part of the hotel, will surprise you with its unexpected combinations of tastes, wide range of Baltic fish, great selection of Kashubian meals and dumplings. Skipper tempts with hospitality and friendly atmosphere all year long.

Skipper Hotel ****

tel. +48 58 50 444 44,

+48 538 316 470

Hotel Notera ****

Hotel Notera is a role model in terms of corporate social responsibility. A unique combination of design and respect for nature will impress anyone who is aware and cares deeply about getting in touch with nature. A charming view at Charzykowskie Lake and innovative ecological and infrastructural solutions are good reasons to visit this place. The hotel is located in the heart of Tuchola Forest, only 125 km away from Gdańsk and 200 km away from Poznań. Tuchola Forest is one of the most important and the biggest woodlands in Poland. The land of unique natural values ​​gives shelter to an exceptionally rich fauna.

It’s a home to many protected species of birds (black storks, white-tailed eagles, crows, common cranes, common goldeneyes, Eurasian eagle-owls) and mammals (racoon dogs, wild boars, deer, foxes, badgers). The majority of Tuchola Forest is covered by pine trees; a part of the forest is mixed. Huge attractions are so-called lobelia lakes, known for their crystal clear water. Two rivers flow through Tuchola Forest – Brda and Wda, which fall into many lakes creating popular kayaking trails. The most precious parts of Tuchola Forest are environmental protection areas. There are some landscape parks such as Tuchola Park, Wdzydze Park, Wda Park, Zaborski Park and the most important one – Bory Tucholskie National Park with its central part which is Struga Siedmiu Jezior – a little river that falls into 7 lakes (Ostrowite, Zielone, Jeleń, Bełczak, Główka, Płęsno and Mielnica – Skrzynka). Being a part of Natura 2000 and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve confirms the uniqueness and great value of Tuchola Forest.

An exceptional location demands the right infrastructural approach, that’s why the facility uses heat pumps, energy-efficient lighting and solutions preventing the waste of electricity. The UV lamps support the purification of pool water. The heat from the water is also recovered here. Pro-ecological actions are supported by locals as well as by guests.

The hotel is also animal-friendly. Cats and dogs are welcome here. A wonderful location makes Notera not only a great place for a family trip, a romantic weekend, but also a private rest in one of the cleanest regions in Poland. It’s also an interesting place to organize conferences, workshops and business meetings.

Seventy eight comfortable rooms and apartments, SPA area with pool and a hot tub, dry sauna, steam sauna and infrared sauna – Noteras attractions take the daily stress away and help you regenerate both body and mind quickly and effectively.


Hotel Notera SPA

tel. +48 52 336 06 00

+48 512 795 025 


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