Entertainment for adults and the little ones

Pomorskie offers a great variety of unforgettable activities for the whole family. Even if the weather is not on your side, you can enjoy a day in Tricity no matter what age you are. Swimming with sharks, crazy water slides, addictive parrots observing, science riddles or paintball – you will surely find something remarkable and breathtaking for yourself. The amount of offered attractions will satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

The world of riddles, science, playing in water or rare animals watching – Tricity offers something for both adults and little adventurers. Amusement parks are a perfect choice and a clever idea for spending your family time productively and enjoyably. You can choose between several different facilities full of incredible and entertaining attractions.

A sip of knowledge

Hevelianum in Gdańsk is located in the restored historical fortification on a hill Góra Gradowa. It is a metaphorical bridge between interdisciplinary education, history, culture and recreation. In the renovated facilities there are many interactive exhibitions such as “With Energy!” based on physics, “The Time Machine – Human and the Bullet” and “The Time Machine – Playing with history” for history geeks, mathematical “The Riddle” and finally geographical “Around the world”. The interior is inspired by the works of Jan Brzechwa, polish writer renowned mostly for children’s poetry. The Laboratory of Mr. Kleks organizes workshops for kids between the ages of 3 and 9. Moreover, you can visit four permanent exhibitions in Hevelianum to learn e.g. how old your ears are, how diamonds are made and how we know that the Earth is round. With a train station being so close and convenient public transportation, Hevelianum is a perfect place to fit into an active leisure by the sea.

Water craziness

Aquapark Reda is a fantastic choice for your weekend trip with the family. It is a unique spot on the Pomeranian tourist map and can be a great getaway activity – even if the weather is unpleasant. There is so much to do so you might need another day to explore everything! That’s why the facility encourages you to stay for the night in Zielona Wioska (Green Village), where you can sleep in a tipi tent or in a room decorated in one of two styles – sea world or tropical. The heart of Aquapark Reda are the pool facilities. Castle Pool is a spacious pool with a water monster monument and a gigantic bucket pouring out 400 liters of water. The older explorers can relax on special benches with neck and back massagers or get pleasure under strong water stream. In the other part of the Aquapark one finds the Pirate Bay, which is a pool for the youngest guests, with a boat equipped with seven water slides. The Pirate Bay guarantees the excitement of exploring the ship, where you can find water cannons and seven small water slides. If you need a break, you can take it on the top of a friendly whale. There is also one of a kind shark slide that guarantees unforgettable experience. After jumping into the shark’s mouth, the slide takes you on a 60-meter-long ride. An LED tunnel leads you through the heavenly aquarium where you can watch real sharks. They came to Reda from the distant Sri Lanka. It is hard to imagine a bath with one the most dangerous predators in the world right behind the wall – but we can find such experiences much closer than exotic destinations.

The whole family can also enjoy the dinghy ride on a 48-meter-long slide. More adrenaline will be provided by gigantic slides which are the Multi Adventure with whale tunnels, light decorations and many turns and the Ultra Speed for the lovers of extreme experiences. The River Expedition is 315 meters long water path with real waves and river bends. You can also rest in Volcano – a hot tub for 24 people, where you can watch geysers imitating volcano eruptions and just enjoy yourself.

It sounds incredible – but it is only a small part of all the activities Aquapark Reda has to offer. Parrot aviary located next to the Aquapark is another interesting place to visit. Being in contact with witty and feisty birds will entertain both older and younger enthusiasts of the colorful world of ornithology. The employees are very committed and helpful – it’s worth noting          that the place is also disabled-friendly.

Rare mammals trail

A great way to get to know animal world is Fokarium (“foka” means “seal” in Polish) located in Hel. Keep in mind that it’s not a zoo, it’s a research center. The goal of this Sea Station of Gdańsk University is to protect the species and spread the knowledge about it. In the Fokarium, researchers study e.g. how the seals act, how they behave, what they eat, how old they are, and what the paths of their travels are. That’s why visiting Fokarium can be an exciting way to get to know these endangered animals.

Students in the field of environmental studies gain the most complete and professional knowledge thanks to numerous classes, seminars, lectures, field studies, and specialized courses. Of course layman will also find something to admire. Upon visiting, you’ll be able to get to know some of the most interesting stories about Baltic mammals under strict protection, which makes it a great opportunity to see their crazy habits live.

You can get to Hel from whole Tricity area by water tram – another incredible attraction. Connections are provided by Żegluga Gdańska, also – a promotor of Gdańsk-Sopot cruises, with catamarans running on every route.

Trams to Hel start in May and until the summer they cruise during all the weekends and holidays. In July and August they cruise daily. There are three cruises from Sopot, Gdynia and Gdańsk to Hel and back, whereas from Gdańsk to Sopot – two round trip by boat per day. Choosing this way of transportation allows you to travel between most renowned seaside resorts, which makes water trams not only interesting tourist attractions but also very convenient. Trams can save a lot of time, especially while travelling to Hel – a cruise is much shorter ride than travelling by car as there is only one way to Hel, often overcrowded, especially during the weekends.

For the active ones

Enthusiasts of the extreme activities will definitely find a way to let out the excess of energy in Kolibki Adventure Park Gdynia. It’s a paradise for the fans of horses and mechanical horses (more specifically – quads). The instructors ensure professional attitude towards animal, give you horseback riding lessons and teach you how to take care of a horse.

If you’re more interested in machines, Kolibki Adventure Park Gdynia offers quad rides as well. It’s an amazing time not only for those who like it calm, but also for those with the need for speed – the organizers made sure that those crazy rides are entirely safe. Every participant gets a ski-mask, safety helmet and goes through detailed safety clues and instructions on how to ride on the track and operate the machine.

For those who want to flex their muscles, Kolibki Adventure Park Gdynia has something challenging as well. The rope park is constructed of wooden platforms in the treetops about 10-20 meters high. Between the platforms there are many different passes made from steel ropes, ladders, nets etc. Participants receive full equipment and face hanging beams, Tibetan bridges, horizontal ladders, American trains and much more.

Paintball is recommended for the older and more athletic adventurers. The obstacles in shapes of barrels, walls, wrecked cars and World War II bunkers create a real battlefield. Commandos from the age of 16 can choose from many exciting scenarios and the number of paintballs suited for their needs. All games are hosted by professional instructors who narrate several amazing scenarios and teach participants how to manage them. These are some incredible games, truly unique not only in Gdynia but in the whole Tricity area.

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