A luxurious breeze

Seductive yachting brings luxury, ease, and natural elegance to mind. Not without reason film stars like Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, and Sean Connery love their relaxing vacations on hot decks. Nowadays everyone can live la dolce vita at the Polish seaside.

Yachting is a sophisticated and exclusive way of spending leisure time but also celebrating business successes. It doesn’t matter if one seeks sea adventures, an unusual challenge, or a unique way to integrate the team – when sport meets business and adrenaline is released, time spent together stays in memory as an exceptional experience.

High-end adrenaline

Technically yachting doesn’t differ much from sailing, however, it is mainly focused on recreation and tourism. While sailing is a demanding sport discipline, yachting is rather a form of a luxurious lifestyle.

In Pomorskie there are many yachting companies with tailored offers to fulfill the customers’ individual needs and desires. As they effectively combine their experience in sports and business with a true passion for yachting, they also outdo each other in ideas for organizing unforgettable events on the decks of their modern water vehicles. Well-developed infrastructure, fleets equipped with professional facilities, and exciting yachting in the beautiful scenery of the Baltic Sea in front of thousands of delighted tourists – it all turns this luxurious entertainment into a great adventure.

It is hard to find a more memorable experience than a corporate event on a cruise. It is also an investment since excited team members united in the efforts and struggles onboard will show higher involvement, particularly in teamwork. Steering, setting up sails, mooring, and a lot of additional surprising tasks are awaiting every member of the company crew. As yachting requires thinking outside the box it can be a great motivation, especially for corporate employees. Pomorskie is also famous for its spectacular regattas that bring attention of international brands and companies and create a field for elegant rivalry, even between representatives of the same industry. Additionally, the coastal natural attractions and fresh breeze spice up this business competition. Yachting is also a great way to integrate the team – spending time together among the sea waves let one get to know the colleagues or contractors from a completely different perspective.

Intimate or in a team

Many Pomeranian companies specialize in personalized cruises and help making unforgettable adventures come true. A great example is an elastic offer from the Premium Yachting company with full-day-, half-day-, or several-hour cruises on yachts, catamarans, sailing ships, and even motorboats. To make it even more thrilling, upon request of guests they can be accompanied by Mateusz Kusznierewicz – Olympic champion, multiple regatta medalist, and an unquestionable sailing authority. The company is also open for individually prepared both conventional and unusual scenarios of maritime events. Demanding customers will also find a fascinating offer of several-hour cruises to almost every port of the Polish coast. Yachts can be rented to meet specific needs – within an evening one can sail to Hel, and then come back to an exciting party in Sopot. Since both day- and evening cruises are available in the offer, they can include a romantic dinner for two. Hence, yachting may be an extraordinary way of celebrating important events such as birthdays or engagements but also bachelorette and bachelor parties. Thanks to cooperation between companies and shipowners it’s even possible to organize a maritime wedding ceremony, surrounded by Baltic natural beauty and richness and the magnificent horizon.

Like golf and tennis, yachting is similarly associated with a sophisticated form of spending free time and nearly an aristocratic relaxation. An interesting combination of tradition and modernity gives everyone spending their leisure time onboard a feeling of being a part of something intriguing, in some way unreachable. This is an expensive entertainment, as it is also very exclusive. However, the celebration of life with a magnificent splendor is an exceptional, priceless experience.

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