Bird shenanigans in parrots heaven

Aviary at Załogowa Street in Gdańsk is always a colorful and joyful place – even when the weather is unpleasant. It is a great attraction for a whole family and good time is a guarantee!

There is one great hall available for visitors. You can watch up to 86 different species of birds including multicolored little parrots: nymphs, green-thighed, and green-cheeked parakeets and some big ones such as widely recognized in mass media and atlases – ara or grey parrot. The aviary is their natural environment – they spend there all of their life (since being departed from parents). Caretakers for the colorful birds treat them as the graceful and intelligent creatures that they are. They assure that birds are domesticated and extremely social. No wonder birds like human contact and they definitely love to observe us.

“They are very intelligent and amazing creatures. Their behavior is completely different from humans, much more complicated than we may think. When we look closer and observe how they act it may become a pleasant addiction. Parrots’ customs include a variety of unobvious emotions and although it takes time to get to know them, it is definitely worth it! It’s also fascinating psychological entertainment for both young and older visitors – looking at people reactions to parrot’s shenanigans is an additional value to my work” says Katarzyna Bartosz, one of the caretakers at the aviary.

Same as people – birds are also greedy when it comes to food. Feel free to feed them from your hand but watch out for the jewelry. Also, it’s best to wear long-sleeve and to tie up your hair before coming in. Before entering the aviary, every visitor gets detailed instructions, so don’t worry about doing something wrong. Standard price is 19 PLN, reduced – 15 PLN. From Monday to Friday, the admission for an adult with one child is – 31 PLN, whilst with two – 40 PLN. Discounts are for groups over 10 people. In the hall you can feel like in parrot heaven – feathered tenants will sing, whistle, talk and repeat or even mock human speech. They learn really fast and are hilarious but may also mischievous so watch out and enjoy lovely entertainment for a whole family!


Papugarnia Gdańsk

Załogowa 17

80-557 Gdańsk

tel. +48 583 550 504

FB: Papugarniagdansk

Open every day 10-18 with a break 14-15 during weekends

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